Become a Supporter

Become a sponsor and continue our 33 year tradition of this annual festival. Your continuing generosity provides inspiration and support and we look forward to a transformational experience! Scroll down for the link to donate online. When you arrive at the donation screen, please click “other” at the end of the dollar amount listings. This will allow you enter your chosen sponsorship level donation. Thank you for your support.

Individual Sponsorship Opportunities:

Headliner: $10,000

  • 6 dinners and 2 bottles of wine

Muse: $5,000

  • 4 dinners and 2 bottles of wine

Editor: $2,500

  • 4 dinners and 1 bottle of wine

Publisher: $1,000

  •  4 dinners

Agent: $500

  • 3 dinners

Author: $360

  • 2 dinners

Artist: $180

  • 1 dinner

Festival sponsors will be acknowledged during online events and on the festival website. Gifts at $180 and above are eligible for the thank you items noted. Acceptance of any thank you items may lessen the tax deductible portion of your gift. Please consult your tax preparation professional.


MAKE A SPONSORSHIP GIFT  (Reminder: Click “other” to enter a sponsorship amount not shown. Thank you.)


For more information about the Jewish Book Festival, Individual Sponsorships, or if you would like to become a corporate sponsor, please contact Noemi Herzig at [email protected] or 734-971-0990.