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November 6 @ 11 AM EST

November 6 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Children’s Author: Sarah Sassoon – In-Person

Shoham’s Bangle


Shoham’s ban­gle jin­gles and jan­gles, clinks and clacks. Shoham wears a gold­en ban­gle on her wrist, just like her Nana Aziza. Their ban­gles jin­gle when they cook, and glit­ter in the sun. When Shoham and her fam­i­ly must leave Iraq, they are allowed to take only one suit­case. They may take no jew­el­ry. Shoham has the impor­tant job of car­ry­ing Nana’s home­made pita bread, which Nana says they will eat when they get to Israel. But when they final­ly arrive and it is time to eat, Shoham bites into some­thing hard inside the pita bread. It is her ban­gle. Her Nana has hid­den the fam­i­ly jew­el­ry in the pita dough! An ​Own Voic­es” sto­ry based on the true sto­ry of the author’s fam­i­ly jour­ney to Israel as tak­en by 120,000 Iraqi Jews under Oper­a­tions Ezra and Nehemiah.

Sarah Sas­soon was raised in Syd­ney, Aus­tralia, sur­round­ed by her lov­ing Judeo-Ara­bic speak­ing Iraqi Jew­ish immi­grant fam­i­ly. When she mar­ried, she immi­grat­ed to Johan­nes­burg, South Africa and with her hus­band and four sons, made Aliyah. She lives in Jerusalem. Sarah loves writ­ing poet­ry and sto­ries about cross­ing bor­ders and oth­er worlds. Shoham’s Ban­gle is Sarah’s first children’s book.

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November 6
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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