The Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor would like to thank all of the organizations and individuals who support the Book Festival and are listed below. The list of supports will be updated as sponsorships are received.

Book Festival Committee

Leslie Bash
Carol Dworkin
Steve Dworkin
Beth Dwoskin
Judith Endelman
Linda Grekin
Martha Kransdorf
Alan Levy
Nancy Margolis
Archie Sader
Martin Shichtman
Linda Spector
Esther Ullman


David M. Stone, Executive Director
Clara Silver, Director of Operations
Karen Freedland, Director of Jewish Cultural Arts and Education

Individual Sponsors




Larry and Caroline Hiss

Henry and Harlene Appelman
Prue and Amnon Rosenthal

Harriet Bakalar and Edwin Tobes
Bernard and Barbara Banet
Sturat and Heather Dombey
Judith Endelman
Stephen and Pamela Landau
Alan Levy and Susan Pollans
Joan Lowenstein and Jonathan Trobe
Eric and Lauren Metzendorf
Sharon and Charles Newman
Mark and Susan Orringer
Own and Sheila Perlman
Archie Sader and Alfreda Dempkowski
Roberta and Larry Tankanow
Elise Weisbach
Esther Ullman and Morley Witus

Dorit Adler
Carol Amster
Joan Binkow
Ann Epstein
Rita Gelman
Phyllis and David Herzig
Barry and Elaine Margolis
Charles and Amy Roehrig
Carole and Mitchell Rycus
Eileen Thacker

*Gift of support was larger than the designated amount for this sponsor level.


Corporate Sponsors